Vibra Pro 5500

Whole Body Vibration Machine

  • Speed: 108 Settings
  • Amplitude: 1mm-11mm Hz
  • Programs: 5+ Manual Mode
  • Vibration type: Premium Triangle Oscillating
  • Dimensions: 31” (wide) x 26” (deep) x 58”(high)

Now I will tell you of a machine I have been using for 15 years. It’s the Vibra Pro V5500 whole body vibration machine that meets all my requirements. It’s a large, well-designed machine that lets me perform any exercises I want. A great many friends have purchased this machine and haven’t given up using it yet. I recommend you to buy the Vibra Pro V5500 and your dreams will come true. A countless number of customers have bought the machine and none of them regret now.


SALE PRICE: $1,795

Vibra Pro Genesis Kinetic

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Vibra Pro Slim

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Vibra Pro 5500

The Vibra Pro 5500 is a highly efficient vibration machine.


Vibra Pro Genesis Elite

Elite can be used both by men and women.